What I do

Standup Comedy

Originally from Memphis with the last name of Hicks, Philip Hicks’ hilarious standup routine is entitled “It’s hard to be a hick in a hi-tech world!

Within this very clean routine you get 3 characters in 1…..as he turns into “Grandpa Dudley Hicks” and “Elvis Hicks!”

Many in the audience will “volunteer” to join him onstage and let the laughter begin!

He can also make it extra special for your “guest of honor” who Hicks will “roast” after you submit a questionnaire about that person’s life!

Entire routine runs from 45 to 60 minutes per your need! Call today for a quote…..and you’ll always be glad you did as your guests will be talking about your special occasion for years to come!

Singing Telegrams

Philip will “surprise” your friend or relative with a personalized, highly comedic singing telegram! You complete a questionnaire and Philip will personalize that birthday poem or song…..and will come as one of 12 different original characters!

Call today for a reasonable quote!

Our characters paint faces, sculpt balloons and perform comedy illusion!

How I do it